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October 06, 2015

Fringe & Tassel Trend Fall 15 "La Vie Boheme"


For those of you who know me, I have ALWAYS been obsessed with fringe & tassels and I am over the moon now that it is a HUGE fall trend! I love movement in my outfits, ornate detailing, and finally people are catching on that tassles & fringe are so fun to wear!  With my background in all types of handcraft, I know the complexity of handmade fringe & tassels and will ALWAYS love and appreciate this artisan handwork. For this season, I have expanded on my collection of Tassel necklaces so you can also also live "La Vie Boheme" !! Affordable & Handmade in my NYC studio, I can't wait to see how you glamorous bohemians style them! Tassel up ladies.
May 09, 2015


Our trunk show guests get first pick from our large collection of one of a kind jewels. Most styles NEVER hit the website! There is a new collection of these beauties at each event! Join us for all things sparkly and bubbly as the sun sets overlooking Times Square next Friday for our Private Trunk Show. This is an open invite, feel free to bring anyone that would be interested!




THE MET GALA: A celebration of historical fashion or just celebrity shock value?

 (Left to right, Rihanna 2014, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, J.Lo 2015 MET Gala)

It was hard to miss the MET Gala's red carpet Tuesday night, as top celebrities used this opportunity to compete with Rihanna’s last nudity stunt.

Can we not forget why there is a MET Gala? Since 1971, the MET Gala began with the purpose of bringing attention to Metropolitan Museum of Art's fashion archives, with curated fashion collections from living and dead designers, cultural costume from all over the world, and that of social movements. Now being the $25K/seat, star studded gala that it is today, the MET Ball actually funds the Costume Institute’s entire operating budget!

As the only major event combining ART & FASHION, guests are encouraged to dress in the theme of the opening Met fashion exhibit, this year being “China: through a looking glass”. This is the venue where all of the crazy runway show-stoppers could actually BE WORN. With unlimited money and top designers at their beck and call, I wonder: why would the guests NOT indulge in the fantasy?  Despite the fact that nudity has its own place in the art world, I would have loved to see more artistically inspired looks worthy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art opening. View the full VOGUE gallery here
Sadly, with social media praising nudity and punishing artistic inspired fashions, (see below), I hate to imagine the future of the MET Gala, and artistic fashion for that matter!

 Diana Vreeland: A Fashion Movement

Anna Wintour may currently be the guns behind the MET Gala, the Editor of Vogue, and the character depicted in film "The Devil Wears Prada", but she is only walking down the path paved by the late Diana Vreeland. If you have not seen the documentary “The Eye Has to Travel” you are missing out on an incredible life story! Before Diana Vreeland, fashion magazines were like Macy’s mailers combined with Martha Stewart Living. Think of women blankly posing in clothing, and stories about how to make the best pie. Watch the trailer here:
Diana worked at Harpers Bazaar from 1936-1962, moved on to be the self-proclaimed first and “only fashion editor” while working at Vogue from 1963-1971, and then curated the Costume exhibitions at the Met from 1971-1984. She even has a film character based on her waaay before "The Devil wears Prada". "Who are you Polly Magoo" -1966 and next on my to watch list!

During this time, Vreeland completely changed the idea of fashion and fashion magazines. She not only had brilliant artistic vision, but also truly felt the pulse of societal change; creating the first magazine to transport you to another place, and one that embraced diversity.
Being teased by her mother for being an ugly duckling, she created a style and persona for herself, and pushed the fashion photographers to make the subject’s biggest flaw the most beautiful thing about them. She helped brand designers by creating visual stories around their clothing. It was said if she fixed her eye on someone, they would blossom. She discovered and encouraged many of the most famous designers, photographers and models, like Oscar de la Renta, Twiggy, Lauren Bacall, Richard Avedon, and Cher, to name a few. Vreeland's office memos were so outspoken, outlandish, and revolutionary that they have their own book! She is said to have been the first blogger, read some of her quotes here and here . Her life story and vision are truly an inspiration. If she were alive today, she would have been the ONLY reality star I'd be watching!

April 27, 2015

Rhea Kulcsar NYC Jewels *Spring Soiree* & Newsletter #1


Empire Hotel Rooftop
44 West 63rd Street
Friday May 1st

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! Come out of hibernation and join us for our Spring Soiree! We will have an enclosed rooftop space with fabulous Manhattan views rising above Lincoln Center.

I will be unveiling new jewels- the largest offering to date, featuring one of a kind and exclusive items for this event. Just in time for much needed SPRING STYLING and MOTHER’S DAY! These beauties will not hit the website- so come check them out before they're gone!

I cannot think of a better way to kick off your weekend than with a fun group of people, many things sparkly and bubbly, combined with fabulous Manhattan views! This is an open invite event, so please bring friends
, your significant other, and forward to anyone who may be interested. The more the merrier!


Knock-offs vs. Licensing
(Photo: Left- authentic Chanel suit 1966, Right- licensed Chanel suit 1967)
In the fashion world, without copyright laws for designers, there is an entire industry built upon knock-offs; whether it be counterfeit goods, or fast fashion brands, like Zara and H&M. After viewing FIT's current fashion exhibit "Faking it: Originals, Copies, and Counterfeits", I had a surprising take-away. In the 1950's, couturiers like Chanel actually promoted licensed "knock-offs" to be produced by department stores. Couture houses saw licensing as a revenue stream to reach a broader audience, while combating the demand for knock-offs. Today, many major designers have since exploded the business of "licensing" to offer various price levels and spin off labels "inspired by" their designer lines, which reach the mass market and bring huge revenues. Of course, no designer wants to be knocked-off by another company, as they do not get paid for it, but many are in the business of knocking off themselves. This quote from Coco Chanel proves her a true visionary. "Fashion should slip out of your hands. The very idea of protecting the seasonal arts is childish. One should not bother to protect that which dies the minute it is born". "Chanel's tweed suits were so recognizable, she saw copies of her designs as a form of publicity." https://www.fitnyc.edu/22937.asp



 Latest NYC discovery
(and now I can’t stop dancing)

 When I am feeling spontaneous, Rockwood Music Hall is the go-to place. The pop in pop out style of this joint is perfect for those non-committal types, with a different band every hour, meanwhile feeling like a private party. But I’m in it for watching quality live music to sing and dance to! Influenced by James Brown, The Gold Magnolias kept us dancing all night with their nostalgic happy lyrics, soulful beats, and incredible energy! And their story is incredible: singing for food in the “hood” has somehow influenced their music in the best possible way.  Check them out on spotify, and read their story http://www.thegoldmagnolias.com/#home

What I’m missing
(as well as all NYC bloggers)
The Bowery Graffiti Wall

 My first iconic memory of NYC is driving past the huge Keith Haring mural on Houston and Bowery, while inside the huge truck/trailer filled with furniture for my first downtown NYC apartment. Living downtown for years, was lucky enough to see many of these murals being painted. Because we need one more strip of land to be added to the NYC construction zone, the wall is gone! Getting nostalgic, I found that there are entire blogs about my beloved graffiti wall. Feast your eyes on some of these incredible murals over the years. http://www.goldmanproperties.com/Art-and-Culture/Houston-Street-Wall.asp
Ironically, Keith Haring first splashed this wall in 1982, and it has been a destination ever since. In 2008, it went somewhat legit, when late real-estate man Tony Goldman took over the location, and officially invited artists to paint the graffiti wall.

January 21, 2015

Modern Amethyst

How a cool girl wears Amethyst

I have never been a big fan of purple, but right now it feels so fresh! Amethyst is the birthstone of February, and with valentine's day right around the corner, we definitely need some amethyst in our lives. Ahemmm...boyfriend! So which are you? Bold, Romantic, or Modern Boho? This is how a cool girl wears Amethyst. Get your one of a kind pieces before they are gone...

And on another note: In Ancient Greece, amethyst was believed to protect its owner from drunkenness. Finally a hangover cure! As well as looking fabulous, and one of a kind, you are set for the party! 



January 14, 2015

Geode and gemstone obsessed

It's a fact. I am genuinely obsessed with geodes and gemstones! As a quiet artsy child, I collected rocks during family hiking trips, and cross country roadtrips to visit family in the mountains. I tumbled them in my rock tumbler and made them into friendship bracelets.

20 years later, my obsession is now these showstopping geodes and druzy crystals. How amazing would it be find a plain old stone, break it open and find these fabulous crystals inside! It's miraculous the beauty mother earth creates. My gemstone collection features druzy crystals from geodes dipped in silver and gold for your everyday wear. Each natural gemstone has its own specific history, folklore, and energy. I personally need to wear them to get my remind me of nature's beauty while living in this concrete jungle! And of course, I love getting people's attention and compliments! I believe everyone needs a slice of nature's beauty to enhance her own natural beauty. Check out my limited edition pieces to feed your soul and to give you a fashion fix.



December 05, 2014

Optix Inspiration

My launch collection "Optix" was inspired by the collision of oil, water, and light creating a mesmerizing rainbow effect. When sunbathing in Bodrum, I envisioned an optical illusion of light passing through a prism, iridescent jewels appearing on the other side. I imagined women adorned in jewels that changed color as they moved, with an optical play of light. The Optix collection is an expression of nature's optical illusions. It's when you cannot take your eyes off that fleeting chance to see a rainbow. It's the beauty after a night of heavy rain and how it dances off the city lights. And how you pass by oil spilled on the ground and notice the beautiful rainbow effect.