Each finger is a different size, and sometimes they get swollen from heat & shrunken from cold. Many times the knuckle is bigger than the base, so be sure to measure the knuckle so it will slide on!

We make many rings adjustable, and that will be noted in the listing. Adjustable is great to fit over knuckle and then tighten, to open/close when swollen/shrunken, to switch to different fingers if wanted, and to give as a gift if you don't know their size! Here is a way to measure your fingers to ensure the perfect fit.


  • Measure your fingers at the end of the day when they’re at their largest.
  • Cold weather can shrink your fingers up to half a size, so make sure they’re warm.
  • Lastly, alcohol and salt can make your fingers swell, so refrain from measuring them after cocktails and appetizers.

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